quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

My free cams with 20 free tokens

A beautiful discovery was the site My Cams Free to speak with live models on webcam. It was just unlike anything I've ever experienced on the internet. If you're reading this and do not know the site, I leave as a warning: It's ADDICTIVE! If you already know, you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you decided to take the risk there's the trick:

On the site you can access as a guest and look at the models, but to get to talk to the vast majority of models you must be registered, because they often block the guests.

To get the free registration and earn 20 tokens to experience the site is necessary to access the site at this link prize: http://www.myfreecams.com/?baf=10877455 which is free from viruses and spam, and then do your registration from it.

When you access this link, above all, look for "create a free account", will request your name and email and click Create Account. After you created the account go to your email, see if you received the confirmation email and activate your account. BE HAPPY!

If you are already registered and want to win the 20 free tokens you need to make a new account by accessing the site from the address: http://www.myfreecams.com/?baf=10877455 this award is a link that generates the 20 tokens for those who register from it.

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